Our Friends!

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a whole community to support an individual in healing. Physical healing is only one part of the journey, so we have friends to turn to for the rest! In our partnerships, we communicate and collaborate, working together for the benefit of the individual in every aspect of their healing journey.


A Prairie Doula

Birth Doula Services, HypnoBirthing and Spinning Babies Parent Classes in Winnipeg. Bree-Ann and Angela are empowering women and families through labour and childbirth!


Fluid Muscle

Kristin from Fluid Muscle, offers certified fitness training, performance and movement coaching. She works closely with fitness and figure competitors to create and refine their posing routines for the competition stage.


Sunny S-H Photography

Sunny is a Winnipeg studio based photographer specializing in all things newborn, baby, maternity, family and pets. Her approach is genuine and heart-felt, which comes across in her photos.