Connection in Movement (4-week course)

A prenatal course for both partners!

Course schedule for 2020:

Week 1: Sunday, Jan 12 (3pm-5pm) - Baby basics, the pelvis and creating space for baby

  • Introduction to the pregnant pelvis & how baby moves through the pelvis in labour

  • Opening the pelvis during labour to help assist baby’s decent and ease discomfort

  • Creating space for baby in the womb

  • Spinning Babies® the Three Sisters of Balance

Week 2: Sunday, Jan 19 (3pm-4pm) - The art of the pregnant lady swagger

  • Sitting and standing postures and transitions to decrease tension and maintain stability

  • Walking during pregnancy and promoting the natural movement of the pelvis

Week 3: Sunday, Jan 26 (3pm-4pm) - The hips don’t lie

  • Movements and positions to release the hips, low back, thighs and calves

Week 4: Sunday, Feb 2 (3pm-5pm) - Fascia is my friend & connecting with baby

  • What is fascia and why is it important?

  • The connection between the fascial body and the emotional body

  • Belly Mapping® to learn baby’s position

  • Bonding with your baby

  • Mindfulness through breath and relaxation


your Instructors:

Bree-Ann Carruthers CD(DONA), SpBCPE A Prairie Doula
Angela Maes CD(DONA), SpBCPE A Prairie Doula
Nikki Smith CAT(C) Revolution Rehab

Cost: $250 + GST per couple (6 hours over four weeks)

To register: Call 204-223-7358 or email