Partnered Yoga Pre-Screening Tasks

We want to make sure you are safe while getting the most out of your yoga experience, so before coming into class for the first time, please take a moment to try, at your own discretion, the poses listed below.

Remember to take each movement slow and at a pace you are comfortable with. Please don’t force any movement or position and if you feel pain at all during any pose, STOP! Let us know if you do have pain or cannot complete a pose so we can chat about what the next step is. If you are uncomfortable with trying these movements on your own, we recommend making an appointment Nikki Smith so you can try the poses under the guidance of a Certified Athletic Therapist.


1.) Plank from hands - hold 15 seconds

Hands are placed on the ground directly below shoulders, glutes and abdominals are tightened and spine and neck are kept in a neutral position.

Hold this position for 15 seconds.


2.) Locust Pose - 3 full breaths

Begin by lying with face, tops of feet and palms down on the ground. Squeezing the glutes lift the ribs slightly off the floor, and then one leg followed by the other. Remember to keep the neck neutral!

Hold this position for three deep breaths.

Hamstring stretch.png

3.) Forward fold - 3 full breaths

Standing straight, put a slight bend in your knees by unlocking them. Slowly bend forward letting your arms hang and back curve.

Hold this position for three deep breaths.
(Minimum distance required is fingers reaching mid shin)


4.) Prone Extension - 3 repetitions

Begin lying face down on the ground with your hands under your shoulders. Now place the forearms on the ground and press up into a small extended position (upper picture). If this is pain-free, then you can move your hands under your shoulders and press into a back extension (lower picture) and then lower.

Repeat moving from flat on your stomach to pressing directly into an extended position for three repetitions. You do not need to hold this position.


5.) Child’s pose - 3 full breaths

Kneeling with knees together or slightly apart, lower your chest toward your thighs. Bringing the arms out in front, allow your butt to sink back toward your heels. You can move your arms wider so there is a little more distance between your biceps and ears.

Hold this position for three deep breaths.

downward facing dog.png

6.) Downward Dog - 3 full breaths

Begin on your hands and knees. Press your elbows into a straight position while lifting your hips up and back. Keep your ears inline with your arms and try to maintain a neutral spine. Legs can be bent and heels may lift off the floor.

Hold this position for three deep breaths.